Webhook Notifications

Once Webhooks are configured in PrecisionLender, a notification will be issued to the URL specified every time the corresponding event(s) occurs.

This notification, issued as a POST request, will be in the following format:

  "id": "15fc9ab9-25b6-48f6-9012-8b2516ec3179",
  "eventName": "OpportunityUpdated",
  "entity": "Opportunity",
  "entityId": "a2e4cedb-5588-4df6-8986-1cf848f82b3e"

The table below describes the returned Entity for each EventName.

EventName Entity
OpportunityCreated Opportunity
OpportunityUpdated Opportunity
OpportunityDeleted Opportunity
RelationshipAwarenessRunStarted RelationshipAwarenessRun
RelationshipAwarenessRunCompleted RelationshipAwarenessRun
Notification Failures

If the original notification fails to send, PrecisionLender will attempt to send the notification 5 more times. If the 5 additional attempts fail, the notification will be marked as a non-successful delivery and the Webhook state will be updated to ‘Paused’. In order for the Webhook to be restarted, the state will need to be manually updated to ‘Enabled’ using the steps in the Webhook Configurations page.